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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Diamond in the Rough ~ Anthony Hamilton

Do you listen to Anthony Hamilton?  You should. You really, really should.

I have this thing with artists who sing/write songs that feel honest. That feel authentic. That seem to address the human condition and all of our complicated emotions. Songs that I don't just like or enjoy but experience. I feel Anthony Hamilton.

My Top Ten Anthony Hamilton Songs list:

1. Love Is So Complicated from the Soullife Album
I get in this zone where I feel like I am through with love. This zone where Taylor Swift and her perfectly boxed package of the arc of love and happiness makes me insane. Completely, you-are-a-bubble-headed-fairy-tale-spinning-idiot insane.  And then I meet somebody that it just feels so good to be with and I think you know....maybe, just maybe I could be in love again. And this song perfectly captures that "up" feeling without being sugary and fake. Cause even when it is good it is still complicated. (important aside: I really, really like Taylor Swift but seriously sometimes she is just too much)

2. Georgie Parker, also from Soullife. 
The message I would like every child who ever struggles with a negative childhood or negative thoughts about themselves to receive.

3. The Truth, from Ain't Nobody Worryin' album.
I will never, ever, ever, again be in a romantic relationship where the lyrics to this song don't apply. It's the truth. That simple.

4. Diamond in the Rough from The Point of It All album.
Who doesn't want to feel this way? We are all so human and so imperfect.  So for someone to see us for our value? Our virtue? That's deep. And then says: "You're my diamond in the rough girl.  Let's shine in love together." Honest and romantic? Swoon.

5. The Day We Met from The Point of It All album.
 Is it unrealistic to want a man to remember the day he met me? And then to feel this way about it: Right when I met you, the day that I met you, you turned my world around. We fell in love. Right there from the start, you came and stole my heart, you turned my world around. We fell in love. 

6. Everybody from the Ain't Nobody Worryin' album.
This is a feel good, block party kind of song. With the perfect amount of reggae. So chill.

7. Charlene from Comin' From Where I'm From album.
I have too many feelings about this song. I can't even go there. 

8. Ball and Chain from the Soullife Album.
I feel like my friend Kris should be the one commenting on this song. This is her song. But for me this song really shows off his vocals and his distinctive rich voice.

9. Pass Me Over from Ain't Nobody Worryin' Album.
Yeah okay this song is definitely Anthony in gospel mode. But dang! The man can wail.

10. Never Love Again from Ain't Nobody Worryin' Album.
I listen to this song and I wonder if that's really what love and heartbreak are like for a man. How often do they completely shut the door?

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