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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The John Mayer Problem

So I fell in love with John Mayer's music before he was really famous. When he just had one song out that wasn't quite a hit yet. My mom introduced me to him. One of things I love about my mom. My parents have beyond fantastic taste in music. My mom bought me his CD and told me that the song "Neon" reminded her of me. She thinks I have this "spark." That is a whole other post. The thing is I loved, loved, loved John Mayer's music.

And then his personality started being put on display in interviews, social internet mediums, and tabloids. And ugh! Just ugh!  And it almost turned me off to his music completely. But when his latest album came out I was curious. So I bought it and like all of his other music, the more I listen, the more I love. I still don't like the guy, but I could listen to "Edge of Desire" on repeat.

It is just so common now. You can't look up to anybody or admire anybody that has a modicum of public visibility without finding out something completely repugnant about them. And why are people so fascinated by this? I didn't need or necessarily want to know anything about John Mayer, but I couldn't read news media, watch tv, or listen to the radio without hearing about him. I never expected him to be a saint. Everyone is imperfect, I am just trying to figure out how hearing HIS thoughts on HIS sex life is relevant to.....anything? Or for that matter, why I am constantly hearing Mel Gibson's lunatic ravings? Or finding out that politicians are immoral pigs? Can't I just listen to John Mayer's music, watch Mel Gibson's movies, and abide by the laws put in effect by our politicians without knowing the age, weight, rank, and sex of every person they have ever slept with?

Imagine if along with the cover memo I typed today, my boss also had to hear all the sordid details of my failed marriage? My personal life has absolutely nothing to do with how I type cover memos.

When I started this post, my point was I like John Mayer's music. I am not really sure what happened here.
In summary, I am tired of the media and how it works these days. I would like to enjoy a person's talents without being bothered with who they really are. It has nothing to do with their work. The end.

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