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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Because This Is My Previous Life ~ Work

From the archives: 

My computer has decided to enter the running for the title holder of "Computer Most Likely to be Restarted 1700 Times Per Day." Why my computer does this to me, I don't know. Well, crap......okay technically I may kinda know what the problem is.

 Here's the deal: While some may frown at the practice of completely running your personal life out of your place of employment, I apparently have no problem doing this. So it is not terribly unusual for me to being paying my cell phone, power, satellite TV, and various other bills online, WHILE checking my bank accounts online to make sure I can afford to pay these bills, WHILE on the phone with my husband discussing said bills, WHILE emailing a friend to tell them how annoying it is to have to discuss bills with my husband while I am at work, WHILE playing a computer game and  listening to web radio because I am bored, WHILE trying to do a little bit of work here and there when my personal life allows it. I am starting to think that all of these activities added to my inability to allow my computer even a second to keep up with me, may tax my computer's reserves just a smidgen. MAYBE.

But more than likely the problem is that my computer is just an old piece of junk. Right? Right! Okay, well, yes I do also expect my computer to run a CD-Rom program, WHILE I am fiddling with some huge spreadsheet, WHILE I am typing a letter for my boss, WHILE I am doing a mail merge, WHILE I am doing all of my personal stuff outlined previously, but I really think that my computer should be able to handle all of that at once. And if it doesn't, the problem is clearly not my expectations for the machine are too high, but that the machine is an outdated dinosaur that keeps spontaneously locking up 10 times a day for no reason. Right? Right!

I could go on and on about this issue but I seem to be having problems with my computer....excuse me while I restart it. AGAIN!

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