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Monday, October 11, 2010

Confessions ~ Usher (Volume 2)

1. If I ever lose my sight or have serious eye problems, I probably do not deserve sympathy because I change my contacts approximately once every 3 months and I sleep with them in my eyes.  I will still want your sympathy though.

2. I can't use the bathroom at work. I just can't. Here's why: The toilet runs. My kindly employers have explained to me numerous times how to get the toilet to stop running. I can never get it to stop running. I just base my lunch hour and the time I leave for the day on when I have to go to the bathroom. May there never be a bathroom emergency.

3. So last night the dog I am dog sitting kept waking me up so he could go outside (for no reason) and I found myself starting to eat random things while waiting on him. Like marshmallows, chocolate chips, english muffins, goldfish crackers, slices of white bread. It was so random and crazy, but every time he woke me up I found myself snacking. Totally bizarre. And probably part of the reason I was completely sick to my stomach today.

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