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Friday, October 8, 2010

Confessions ~ Usher (Volume 1)

1. I ate a piece of cake for breakfast.

2. I got a prescription for 8 vicodin tablets back in January. I only have one left. I wish I had more. I wish I didn't think "DRUG SEEKING BEHAVIOR" everytime I tried to figure out how to get more. But before you go thinking I am some kind of drug addict, there are some months where I am in unrelenting pain for no apparent reason. And no other medications work. And it isn't cramps. It's my head and my neck. It's horrible. And seriously 7 pills in 10 months? Not exactly addictive behavior.

3. Tonight my friends are having a scary movie night. We are watching Disturbia and When a Stranger Calls. So not even the scariest of scary movies. I am planning on taking a blanket to cover my face.

4. For the past two days,  I have not felt the need to speak to a single person. Not one word. This is because I have been writing furiously on my blog.  So if anyone says, "Hey Meghaun, I haven't talked to you lately!" I am going to put this zoned out look on my face and say, " That's because I have been talking to myself."

5. Today my hair is in a braid. Not that big of a confession. The confession part? I haven't had my hair in a braid in I don't know how long and it pleases me deeply. Like every three seconds I think to myself in a little singsong voice, "I have a braid, I have a braid."

6. So this one is the weirdest: I stole something today. My boss got this packet in the mail and the front and back covers were this amazing, amazing, amazing sparkly orange cardstock. And I just liked it SO SO much. And the back cover was blank. Unblemished save a little staple punch. And I just wanted it so bad. So I took it off the packet and gave him the packet minus the back cover. True Story. I know, I could have just asked for it, but I would have looked like a total weirdo. I am a total weirdo. But not everyone needs to see my freak flag fly.

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