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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Buddy ~ Musiq Soulchild

Have you ever noticed how you go your whole life happily unaware of something and then when you are made aware of it, it is suddenly everywhere

Example: Parkour.

Do you know what this is? Did you know that this is a real thing? It is also called free running.

Actually, now that I have had a moment to ponder this post and parkour, I realize that this post is really about JB.

JB is a skinny, tall, 18 year old, blue-eyed, blond haired dork.  His catch phrase is, "I am a MAN!" But his voice cracks when he says it.

JB is like the little brother I never had (or particularly wanted).

JB has diabetes. I yell at JB a lot about his eating habits. Mostly because every time he shoots himself up with insulin in my presence I almost pass out. And then my friends and  I ask him if that donut he just ate is as tasty as renal failure.

Once I gave JB a very small sliver of my awesome cake that I made. He told me I was his best friend. I told him he was not my best friend.

JB loves horrible, cheesy jokes. I used to refuse to laugh or smile at his jokes. I used to get angry at others who would laugh or smile at his jokes. But JB has grown on me. Like a wart. I wish I could insert the video that someone showed me today of JB dancing. It would explain SO much. But I digress (even further than I already have) The point is that at some point I caved and started giving him cheesy jokes.

Where do you find a dog with no legs? Right where you left him! HYUCK HYUCK! (that's my cheesy joke laugh y'all)
Two fish swim into a concrete wall. One turns to the other and says, "dam." (I actually like that one. It was one of JB's faves too)

And slowly we round back to parkour. One day apropos to NOTHING, JB yells out: "Parkour! Hardcore!" Naturally, this needed an explanation. And now somehow, parkour gets brought up in every conversation that involves JB. I think JB once told me that he had "sweet parkour skills."  It was a true Napoleon Dynamite moment. Except that JB is way less awkward. More earnest. Less awkward.

So then I was reading the interwebs as I often do and I came across this video.  I had never even heard of it before and now even dogs are doing it. Good grief.

Secretly, I can't wait to show this video to JB. And then threaten him with the you are being annoying and now you must stop code word. And then he will say in hurt earnestness, "Am I really that bad?" And I will say, "No JB. Now watch the parkour pit bull video and be quiet."

And when he is done watching the video he will ask me for 1,000 time when I am going to come one of his jam sessions with his band.  And when am I going to make him dessert. And I will tell him no for the 1,000 time to both. And sigh deeply. And shake my head. And act annoyed. And then smile.


  1. I must know parkour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm getting on Google, i'll be right back.

  2. I must know parkour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm getting on Google, i'll be right back.