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Monday, November 15, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: Happy Happy Joy Joy

Current Top 10 Happy Songs.

1. King of Anything ~ Sara Bareilles
Who cares if you disagree?/You are not me/Who made you king of anything?/So you dare tell me who to be?/Who died and made you king of anything?

Catchy, fun, upbeat, and very,  "please go play in traffic cuz you ain't the boss of me."

2. Raspberry Beret ~ Prince. 
No explanation needed. If you need explanation, let me know, and I will have someone come hit you on the head with a tack hammer. (Tommy Boy reference y'all).

3. If I Had No Loot ~ Tony Toni Tone 
Go listen to this song. Go ahead! I will wait.

You are in a better mood, aren't you? Yes. Of course you are!

4. It Feels Good ~ Tony Toni Tone
I know. They made the list twice. But again, I dare you to be in a bad mood when this song is blaring. And now I am inspired to say, "And now it's time for a break down...."

5. Pro Lover ~ Usher.
He is in full on Ursher mode in this song. There are technically a lot of Usher songs that could make this list. And any list. Usher is kind of his own list for me. But this song is my current happy favorite.

6. Vogue ~ Madonna
This song is Emma and I in the red Acura cruising St. Louis. When she first moved to St. Louis and I would come visit. Happy memories. Happy song.

7. Groove Is In the Heart ~ Dee Lites
This song is totally manic and I have a dorky child's love for it. This song came out when I was about 9. Just listen to this song and think about how fun it must sound to a 9 year old. I also dance to it exactly like I would have when I was 9 years old. True story.

8. She Wolf ~ Shakira
If this blog has taught you nothing else, it has taught you that I am a sucker for catchy pop songs. And for reals, don't you want to howl along with Shakira? Aaaa Whooooo!

9. ABC's  ~ K'naan
I love K'naan. I thank Matthew Travis for introducing me to K'naan. The whole Troubadour album is fantastic. This is one of my favorite songs. I just want to jump through the entire song. It makes me think of jump rope in elementary school.

10. P.Y.T. ~ Michael Jackson
No words are necessary. You know.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that this list is NOT in order of favorites and is just my top 10 at this moment. I could easily make this a top 100 list and blather on for days. Jus' sayin'


  1. I'll show you my version of those dances sometime. Pretty scary.

  2. I'll show you my version of those dances sometime. Pretty scary.