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Friday, November 5, 2010

So Sick ~ Ne-yo

 A list of things that I have decided just now are wrong with me:

Sometimes lately I have gotten ringing in my ear's. Ménière's Disease

I just read an article about Parkinson's Disease. I have no symptoms, but I am pretty sure I have it.

I have a bunch of darker spots of skin where I had bug bites months ago that I scratched. So malignant melanoma for sure.

Also neck pain and headaches and back pains, so something that they haven't even discovered yet and will not discover until I spontaneously expire. Then they can call it Meganasia. DON'T LET THEM CALL IT ANYTHING ELSE! This is my dying wish. MEGANASIA!

Also I think I have the Jerry's. The Jerry's is a horrible and cruel disease with no definite symptoms but I am tired today and I don't think it is lack of sleep. I think it is the Jerry's. (Jerry really wants to be a horrible disease and for people to say, "Oh No! I have the Jerry's").

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