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Monday, November 8, 2010

Time Is On My Side ~ Rolling Stones

A couple of things:

Daylight Savings Time does not exist in Arizona. Arizona is quite the rebellious state, is it not?

Oh wait, here is the explanation. In summary, it's hot here. And we can't handle it.

Weekend recap:

Saturday was....ummmmm....mostly fine, mostly good, mostly not that exciting. Mostly.

Here is how my Sunday schedule looked when I woke up on Sunday: Meeting. Answer the phone at 3 pm.

Ok so awhile back this friend of mine, Ashley A., told me about a little something on BBC America called: "Law and Order: UK." Law and Order with accents??? Yes, Please! And a young constable (yeah,  not cop, constable) on the show is what Ashley A. refers to as "Hubba Hubba"! So since my house sitting house has satellite instead of basic cable, I watched that. Then I went to meeting. Then I went to Eegees because months ago, I spent $5 on this coupon book that gives you 50% off your order at Eegees once every month. So once every month I treat myself to Eegees and everything about Sunday said: Treat yourself to Eegees and then vegetate on couch and wait for phone call! So I did.  In my oh so comfy flannel pj pants from Target. I love them.  Except that when I wear them I start to try and rationalize how it might be okay to wear them in public or to work. And it is not okay. Unless you are going to Wal-Mart. Those pants look ree-alll classy like at the Wal-Mart. Yup. Thems my nice goin ta Wal-Mart pants.

So where was I? Sunday. Yes Sunday. Opie the monster dog vomited twice. Right before my dinner plans. Look! I know that I should eat dinner and when you have an extra nice person who is going to buy you dinner it is extra awesome. But I challenge you to eat Chinese food after cleaning up massive amounts of dog vomit! Not possible!  So I went to dinner but did not eat. And then went to see Eat, Pray, Love at the cheap seats. Oh cheap seats! I love you. A lot.

Here is my review of Eat, Pray, Love: It is long. Also it is awkward to watch a movie when the theater has you and four of your girlfriends and then is completely empty except for the old lonely man two rows  up who sobs and sniffles loudly during the entire movie. I can see why the movie would elicit some tears. A few people in my group shed some tears. But they seemed to do it with a little more....dignity. Also they were female. And quiet about it.  Jus' sayin'   The other thing about this movie is that it is all thinky thinky selfy helpy.  My BFF almost clawed her eyes out she hated it so much. Oh and the clothes! The wardrobe in that movie was......fantastic or horrific. No in between. BFF and I were either like Oh pretty! or WHY IS SHE WEARING MC HAMMER'S OLD PANTS? And then we sang Can't Touch This. During the movie. It was a long movie. Longer than this post even. We had time for a musical break.

And then I rushed home to get back to my pajama pants because they had been on my mind ever since I had changed into jeans and a cute shirt for dinner and a movie. The End.

Updated 11/9/2010: I forgot to mention that Eat, Pray, Love has one of the most romantic scenes in all of cinematic history. Here is what it is: Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem are seated on a patio, each reading a book. And Javier Bardem gets up and goes over to Julia Roberts and takes the book from her and MARKS HER PAGE before setting it down and pulling her up to slow dance with him. MARKS HER PAGE! Swoon! Oh Javier Bardem! Te Amo! Te Adoro! Forget the slow dance and the kissing and the.......whatever. He makes sure that she does not lose her place in her book.

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  1. I heard somebody say one time that they loved all these Dollar General Stores because you can go looking however you want! On the other hand, they said, you have to dress up to go to Wal-Mart! I live in such a different world.... RE: Eat, Pray, Love. I'm nearly finished with the book, but lucky for you I HAD ALREADY READ THAT PART! I would be so mad if any of it got spoiled for me. I am framing entire sections of this book....not sure i'm ready for the movie.