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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last Kiss ~ Taylor Swift

To my Pink kicks.

A love letter.

Dear Pink Kicks,

Do you believe in love at first sight? I don't. Call me bitter or cynical. I like to say that I am practical. I like to say that once upon a time love kicked my behind so hard that I went flying up into the air (which sounds fun, but is surprisingly painful) and landed 24 hours later 1,505 miles away. I landed here in Tucson. The result is, I have a more practical view of love. That it requires work and effort and attraction. And then more work and effort. So I don't believe in love at first sight or magic. I believe that love is a choice. My point?

The first time I saw you, you were introduced to me with a couple of other pairs of shoes. Shoes that were not mine. I saw you in that dim light and I thought, "Cool orange kicks."  It wasn't love. Maybe a little lust. But not love. And when I discovered you were mine I was happy, but not overwhelmingly so. I pondered in my mind what place orange kicks could possibly have in my life. My life doesn't have a lot of space for orange kicks. Quite the impractical luxury. Like love at first sight. Or a magical feeling that you can't define. Or perfect circumstances.  But in my car I kept looking at you and you were growing on me and then one of the streetlights hit you and I realized you were...

H O T   P I N K! 

You took my breath away. I smiled all the rest of the drive home. No not smiled.....I....what's bigger than a smile? My lips curved upward so far and hard I thought my face would crack. That's how happy you made me. I let my defenses down and fell madly in love. With impractical, unrealistic, luxurious, magical hot pink Nikes.

And I brought you home and looked at the box and to my horror, the size was too small. It wasn't going to work, this is a disaster, this is....wait....oh wait a minute.....YOU FIT MY FEET PERFECTLY! Oh magical shoes! You fit! You fit! We belong together. Cue Mariah Carey!

And that should be the end right? Happily ever after. This is a love story after all. Isn't this how love stories end?

No. It's not.

You taught me some tough lessons, you oh sneakiest of sneakers. You may fit my feet perfectly, but you don't fit my closet. So few of my clothes want to go with you. Sometimes I feel rebellious and want to wear you with my dresses to the meeting or with completely non-matching outfits out in public just to be with you. But you and I, we can't be together all the time. We just don't work like that I guess. And I have had to accept that. You know what Common once said about reality right? Well it is not very nice. But it is true.

Pink Kicks, I love you. I wish we could be together more. But whether we are together or not, I will always think that you are the best shoes in my closet.

With Love,


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