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Friday, December 17, 2010

Lovely Rita ~ The Beatles

Oh, lovely Rita meter maid,
Where would I be without you?
~ The Beatles (Of course)

Dear Baby Sister,

Today I am grinning from ear to ear. It might be the Excedrin. But it also might be that I got a full night's sleep last night. Although it was almost physically painful put away my beloved tech, Denzel and  Idris, and sad to turn off the TV when it was the Burn Notice season finale-in the end it was worth it. Thank you for your suggestion.

I wish you were here-especially today. It rained all night last night. I know, I know, rain doesn't sound exciting to you. You see it all the time. But nothing compares to desert rain. Or rather nothing compares to the smell of the desert after the rain. If I could bottle it, I would give it away as gifts to everyone I know and love. And when they asked me if I was ever moving back to St. Louis, I would tell them to open the bottle and inhale. And they would know I was going to stay. The smell comes from an unassuming bush called the creosote bush. It smells like a gentle loving version of pine or cypress. Fresh, clean, and just a little earthy.

And when it rains at night in the winter, you wake to find the mountains wear the clouds like a silky white scarf.  Tucked in around them. Sometimes so thick you can just see the peaks of the Santa Catalinas covered in sparkling white snow. And although we don't believe in saints and such, I think Santa Catalina (In honor of St. Catherine) is apt, since the mountains are occasionally Tucson's saving grace for me.

But more so than the rain and the mountains, I wish you would come and spend time here with my people. My people, being my people, love you already. I like to imagine you and Kameron and Kaylan tag team telling stories of horrible children. Each one of you trying to up the other in who has dealt with the worst. I like to imagine you verbally sparring with Jarrell and physically sparring with Jerry. Cuddling up on the couch with Tim, Jessica, and I while we discuss the best ways to survive a cougar attack and argue about the actual size and ferocity of a bobcat. I like to imagine how quickly you will become comfortable with telling Jesse B. to shut up while laughing hysterically with the DiemTeam. I like to think about how like me, you will feel nervous with Kris and her crew(Cassondra, Monica, Abel, Jesse O. etc) because they are cool and we always feel awkward.  But like me, you will like them. A lot. I like to imagine Kyle using his signature charm on you. You, in turns,  laughing and rolling your eyes and teasing him and feeling flustered. And how Chase will tell us something and we will both stare at him trying to decide if he is being serious or messing with us. He is messing with us. We think.

I like to think about how we will, just like in the old days, get ready to go out together or go to meeting together and change eighteen different times while telling each other that we look fine before every single outfit change. And then we will each examine the other's head for hairs that aren't perfectly straight ironed until I get irritated and tell you that your hair is not going to get any straighter so let it go already! And then I will leave the bathroom in a huff and you will continue to maniacally straighten your hair for another five minutes. And then later you will discuss this in detail with Erin and she will agree with you and then give you helpful hints. And invariably, something will happen that makes us both laugh and laugh and laugh until we have to lean on each other so that we don't fall over. And all of my people will stare mouth agape at how much we are sisters. More so than anything else, the way we  laugh gives us away.

And we will listen to really bad cheesy pop and decent hip-hop and really, really good rock while we are in the car. And you will do your little jokey "raise the roof" dance move while driving that I find so adorably dorky. And then we will wish Margaux was here. We always wish Margaux was with us. Except when she is with us, and then, who needs other people to have fun? WE ARE THE FUN! Except that if Margaux is here, we will have one night, at least, where we will stay in. And then I will want Emma, Gil, and the kids. Because who stays in like the seven of us? Nobody! That's who. We are the champions of staying in. Movies, TV, games, food, drinks, jokes, sarcasm. The seven of us are our own party. So back to you visiting......

I know in reality that you coming to visit me is as easy for you as going to visit you is for me. That is to say, it is not easy. But a big sister can dream.

Love, love, love,



  1. I have only read this like 20358467302 times but i love it & love you!
    p.s. i still get mad that juli does not care if the hair that i cant see are perfectly straight or not..

  2. I love you too! Did I tell you that you n Margaux just suggesting you might visit made my day? Also I am not surprised, because you are totally INSANE about the straightness issue.

  3. Also I added the picture because that is an awesome pic of you. Thank you. That is all.

  4. Also I added the picture because that is an awesome pic of you. Thank you. That is all.