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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Friday Finds

A gathering of moments that I have had on the internet lately:

The Intricacies of Male Heartbreak. The male brain (and heart) escapes my comprehension.

Insecure People Are Better At Dating. But how the heck are they supposed to handle the break ups?

The Guilty All The Time Generation. Will women ever stop beating themselves up? Probably not in this world.

I am not entirely sure of why I am currently addicted to this website. But I am. And I never even like fashion spreads in magazines. Something about the titles and the settings and the craziness of the clothes. I just love it.

This Is a Dog. A blog entry by Roger Ebert on how dogs and humans judge appearances.

This video of Prince making a surprise stop on The View gave me butterflies. Because it's Prince.

SNL skit with Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams as guest stars on Kenan Thompson's What's Up With That?

Have we ever talked about my love of Sesame Street? Cookie Monster Auditions for Saturday Night Live.

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