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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Writer's Block

 I have hit a wall.

Really hard.


My face hurts.

I have written and then promptly deleted roughly 29,452 posts in the past few days.

Last night I spent forever working on a post with all these adorable pictures and then I got frustrated/overwhelmed and so I decided to pause and save it for today. Only to look at the completed portions today and think that they were all totally unsatisfactory.

I am sort of at a loss.

Also last month I had it in my head that January was this blank canvas of time that I was going to use an all sorts of interesting and productive ways. Last night I looked at my January calendar and realized I actually have less free time than ever before. And less money. And a lot more work at work. And a dim possibility of a second job. And a whole bunch of Russian language stuff coming up requiring tons of time and effort. And way more stress about a few things that have been sliding that need to be pushed back to where they belong. Like bathing. I joke! I kid! I smell! Just kidding again!

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