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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If I Ain't Got You ~ Alicia Keys

I have really been wanting to talk about some of my favorite female R&B artists. Especially Keyshia Cole. But she has a brand new CD out and I have yet to hear a single song off of it. That post must wait. I decided to talk about Alicia Keys instead. When I started listening to her music for this post, I got so swept up in her music that I forgot to think of any words to say. So I had to listen again. Awesome.

The beauty of Alicia Keys is that she has everything going for her. She truly can sing. Is a gifted pianist. Has insightful, thoughtful, and moving lyrics to offer.  And with every album,  I come away feeling like she gave it her all. Put her whole heart and soul into it.

Although this is a hotly contended subject amongst my people and I, I hold that the best A. Keys album is "As I Am."  It's the one that has most of my favorite songs on it. Where I don't hear a lot of arguments is that "The Element of Freedom" is not her best. Still a good album. Just not a great album for her.  Don't agree? Tell me about it in the comments. Let's hear about your fave Alicia Keys' songs and albums.

Here are my Top Ten:

10. Where Do We Go From Here ~ As I Am
9. Tell You Something (Nana's Reprise) ~ As I Am 
8. If I Ain't Got You ~ Diary of Alicia Keys
7. Wreckless Love ~ As I Am
6. Fallin' ~ Songs In A Minor
5. You Don't Know My Name ~ Diary of Alicia Keys
4. Diary ~ Diary of Alicia Keys
3. Lesson Learned ~ As I Am
2. Never See Me Again ~ As I Am
1. How Come You Don't Call Me ~ Songs In A Minor

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