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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Always Use Erasable Pen!

How bizarre is the cover of this crossword puzzle book? I am not so good at crossword puzzles, but I love to give them a shot. I definitely am not at the New York Times crossword puzzle level. I am at the USA Today crossword puzzle level. The book pictured above is NYT puzzles. I can get about 4 clues per puzzle. I feel like if I keep at it, I will get better.

Thanks to my lack of skill, I used to do crosswords in pencil. Very logical, no? My very, very, very smart, crossword genius grandma disagrees. She saw me attempting to complete a crossword in pencil and folks, I was nearly responsible for her death. She had a cow/heart attack/apoplectic seizure over my use of a pencil.

"But Grandma, sometimes I get it wrong and if I use pencil then I can just erase the incorrect letters."

"Harrumph" Said she and disappeared to her bedroom only to reappear moments later and slap an erasable pen down in front of me on the table.

So the next time I rant and rave about some totally mundane thing, you will know it is genetic.

In other news, does anyone want my purple jelly beans? I refuse to eat them. Also if you are in the market for jelly beans I strongly suggest Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans. Tasty. Very Tasty.
In even otherer news, I have a friend coming over tonight to play photographer (I am paying her in purple jelly beans) for some upcoming posts. FINALLY some posts with decent pictures!

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