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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Time I Got a Second Job

Last week I mentioned in a post that I hoped to have an exciting news update this week. Well I do, but I don't. Do I have a news update? Yes. Is it exciting? Ummmmm......well, I got a second job.

Are you excited?

Me neither.

I am grateful. Just not excited. I start today. What I am thinking is......my schedule now requires SO much more organization and planning skills then I currently put into use.  Adding one more thing is a little frightening. I have the organizing/planning skills, I just don't use them. In times past I actually had a blog dedicated to all things organizing. You didn't know about that one did you??? It's yet another of my dark secrets.

Here are a few of the things that keep me afloat currently:

1. A calendar. My awesome big sister buys me one of these perfectly purse sized calendars every year. At first it was out of love for me, now it is because she wants me to just leave her alone. See, I became addicted to them.  I will now call her halfway thru the year in a panic about whether or not she will be giving me a calendar for the upcoming year or if I will have to *horrors* buy it for myself. I repeat this phone call every month thereafter.

2. A little notebook for to-do lists. Purchased at Target.

As a side note: For as much as I love technology, I much prefer pen and paper for scheduling and to-do lists. It's one area where technology just doesn't do it for me. 

3. Caffeine. I have sleep issues. It's borderline ruining my entire life. Caffeine helps. A lot. (Oh I feel a lecture coming on from someone about how it is probably one of the culprits of my lack of sleep )

Here is where I am falling short:

  • Meal planning. 
  • Budgeting. 
  • Not being lazy or procrastinating. 

So most areas then. I fall short in most areas.

For instance, I am not entirely sure when I will eat today. I know that I will get dinner at around 7 PM. But 1 meal out of 3 is not a great idea for anyone and certainly not the best idea for me. I am almost positive that my mini nervous breakdown yesterday was because I ate nothing but jelly beans until I made myself dinner at 6 PM. Oops!

So hey! If you are out there and you work MULTIPLE jobs and you volunteer approximately 70 hours a month and you are broke and tired and hungry.....how do you make your life work? Well actually, if you are broke and tired and hungry, you aren't making your life work. You are imitating me. Which is creepy. And unintelligent. So you don't need to comment. Thanks though!

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