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Monday, February 21, 2011

Chicken Love?

Wow! This is...awkward.  But we have to do it. We have to go there. And I do mean "we." This is a group trip. I am taking you there with me.

Here's the deal: It is possible that in May a bunch of my Tucson friends will be travelling to St. Louis. And I have this fear. This fear that as a group, we will run into Tiffany and she will see me and be like, "Wow, why is this blond girl smiling and staring?" And then she will recognize me and scream, "CHICKEN LOVE!!!!!!!" Because that is what she calls me.  She calls me Chicken Love.
And I know deep inside my heart that Jesse the Esse will look at me and say, "Did she just call you Chicken Love?" And that will be it. I will forever be Chicken Love.

This post is probably going to seal my fate but at least I am owning it, right? When you hear the story, you will see that it is kind of entirely my fault from the word "go."

And without further ado: The Tale of Chicken Love

I have this friend Tiffany. I call her my friend because even though we didn't hang out much or talk much back in Illinois, we were both always happy to run into one another and she is happy and funny and smart and awesome. Basically, I claim her as my friend because I like to bathe in the sunshine of her personality whether she wants me to or not. I  met her through my friend Jaime, whom I call my friend because she actually is my friend.

So one day Tiffany, Jaime, another person (maybe Kim-also awesome), and I were in a ministry work way out in the country. We pulled into the driveway of one house and the yard was full of what had to have been hundreds of fowl and poultry type creatures (ducks, geese, chickens, and.......I shudder just typing this.....turkeys). As I was pulling into the long driveway, I was on high alert for turkey attacks. Oh man I hate/deeply fear turkeys.

As I was preparing to back out of the driveway when our visit was completed, I was distracted by a sight in my rear view window.

A sight I had never seen before.

It was...well.....uh.....ummm.....chickens.....or I guess more accurately a hen and a rooster and they were......see.......when a man loves a woman.......or wait I mean birds and bees and..........what I am trying to say is: THEY WERE GETTING BUSY!

And what do I say upon seeing this sight? What thoughtful, mature, intelligent phrasing did I use to alert the other girls in the car that such activities were taking place directly behind the vehicle?


Yup, I screamed it. Just like that.

And that, dear friends, is why she calls me Chicken Love.


  1. Turkeys are mean! We use to have this call in the country that had an evil rooster. Totally out to get us whenever we came. And my love for the feathered friends continues. Eck!

  2. My little sister and I both have turkey phobias that stem from this call my mom had in the country. They are just different from city calls aren't they?

  3. LOL!!!!!! That was such a memorable day in the ministry! Nothing like a laxed day of doing rural territory on top of seeing more "poultry" as you put it :), cats, dogs, goats, everything at one house. That was already strange and then to hear Meghaun screaming CHICKEN LOVE over and over again and actually seeing chickens making love (gross) was crazy to say the least. I think we laughed hysterically for a while that day! Good times!!!!