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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How many times do I have to click my heels?

This post was originally scheduled to post over a week ago. So when it says today, it really means NOT today. 
There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home. 
Also there's nothing like this super cute pair of red shoes from Target. 

Shortly after I wrote my post about Maxwell and the awesome girl who introduced me to him, I got hit with a wave of homesickness. When you move, it is a social necessity that you make friends in your new location. New friends are fantastic. New friends should never be taken for granted. But oh the old friends.......how you wish that you were better about keeping in touch. How you long for their company. You begin to dream of an alternate reality where you can collect all of your favorite people together in one place and never let go of them. Alas, no such utopia exists. You have to make do with email, texting, phone calls, bloggy exchanges, word of mouth (tell so and so I said hi!), all of which are pathetic replacements for being with them.

Most of the time, it's okay. Times like today, it is not. All I wanted today was the group of friends I spent my time with before I moved  here. All of us just had a vibe. A way of being with each other. A way of joking. We were really a family. A lot of us actually were family by marriage or blood. It was rare for a week to go by without a big dinner at my house. International Taco Nights and Rummikub. Baked Spaghetti and Spades. It was even rarer for a few days to go by without us all going bowling together. Or movies. Or out to eat. Or to play pool.  And don't forget things like the annual Chicken and Margarita Night. But mostly bowling.

The thing is a lot of my friends here in Tucson have other friends and other groups that they do things with on a regular basis. Back in Illinois, some of us really didn't. It was all us, all the time. We didn't go hang out with other people, other people came to hang out with us. Did we get on each others' nerves? You better believe it. Did we stick together anyway?  You shouldn't even have to ask.

For the past year or so, I have considered myself extremely blessed to have one of my Illinois "family" members out here with me. And recently, Tucson received two more Illinois recruits. And so when the wave of homesickness swept over me today, I knew that tonight I would be spending time with them and the homesickness wouldn't be so strong. I was right. Illinois people, baked spaghetti, and a good long talk goes a long way for me. I hope it did for them too.


  1. I totally know What you mean! I've been here 6 years and still don't have that group. That's why I want to move. No friends here or no friends in an awesome place. Ill take the second option.

  2. It's really tough! I am kind of the opposite, I would love to get out of the desert but my best friend is here. I moved out here because of her.

  3. A friend recently quoted some great person," it isn't where you are it is who you are."

  4. Miss you too Megls!!! We alway used to kick it. I got so many pictures of you in my photo albums. From high school graduation to my wedding day, you and I always kicked it weekly!!! Remember Chicken Love????? :)

  5. Oh girl! Someday I am gonna do a whole post about chicken love. LOL!

  6. I always liked that melancholy song by Carole King, "Far Away" (doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore?) sigh. It's so wonderful to be part of a group. My group is my family. ma.

  7. It's really tough! I am kind of the opposite, I would love to get out of the desert but my best friend is here. I moved out here because of her.