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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why Am I Paying You Again?

Why am I paying you again? Oh that's right. I am not.

I have a post. It's all done. Waiting to be posted. And waiting. And waiting.  For a picture. A picture from someone else.

What you need to know: b1 and b2 are sisters. b1 borrowed my red shoes for an event.

Here is a rundown of recent interactions in regards to the picture.

February 7, 2011 3:34 PM, Text message from me.
Crazy weird favor to ask!! Can y'all please take a pic of my red shoes on b1's feet. Make it look like u r clicking heels like Dorothy from wiz of oz. Email to me. Anytime tonight or tomorrow. Blog post.

b1: LOl lol if i didn't know you that would be EXTRA CREEPY. Can I have a picture of your feet? hahahaha
me: I knew u would appreciate this request! LOL!
b1: Awesome : ) yes we will do that.

b2: ok : )

So from the outset the whole situation seems rather promising, does it not?  Request made. Request accepted. All very cut and dry.

Alas dear readers, I was about to discover that things are seldom as simple as they seem.

Feb 8, 2011, 9:54 AM, Text message from b2:
I just wanted to tell you the reason I haven't sent a pic yet is because b1 went to bed almost immediately last night when she got home from work. And this morning I stayed in when she left. We are both fighting that cold thing.  (please note her weasel-ly play for sympathy. She is crafty like a fox. A weasel fox.)

My response: FIRED! Just kidding. I have a post waitin on it but it is no big deal.
(Do you see my charity people? My magnanimity, if you will. I am all kindness and patience.)

b2: Yeah I figured you had one all ready to go. I will take one this evening when b1 is home. I don't think either of us are going tonight. : (

me: oh I didn't realize u were that sick! Don't worry about it! Need anything? (understanding, charitable and generous to my core.)  

Feb 8, 2011 9:05 PM, Text message
me: Shoe pic ain't happening tonite huh? Tell b1 not to die.

b2: I have it! I just need to send it!

9:17 PM
b2: Noooooo! I somehow corrupted all the pictures I took. They don't open or work. Curse you, technology!

me: Oh no! Honestly it's no big deal. : )  (Note how I exercise self-control. She is sick. I do not want to seem horrid.)

For the sake of brevity (and possible troubling legal issues involving contract haggling over purple jelly beans and Excedrin), I will skip to February 9th, 2011 when I received the following email from b2: 

"Ok so I admit it. I am a procrastinator and a "I'll get around to it -- eventually -- oh crap I forgot for days and every time I remember I am in a situation which prevents me from fulfilling my assigned task!" =O

Do not think for even one second that I have truly fulfilled my task. Rather, I am plagued with guilt over said non-fulfillingness and decided to give you something in the interim.

I really wanted to make it sparkly but Paint.NETv3.5.6 just doesn't have that capability.


Attached to the email was the following graphic: 
Readers, does this graphic seem like the kind of high quality multi-media that Meg's Mind regularly offers?

Well.....okay yes it totally does. Who am I kidding? I provide totally awful pictures that I have haphazardly taken with my flash less semi-broken iPhone 3GS. So there is an argument to be made for beggars can't be choosers. 

But it is not what I want! I want the picture that I requested. When I get it, I will post the post that has now become totally irrelevant. Unlike all of my other posts, which are consistently relevant and succinct. 

Lest you start to feel sympathetic towards b2 and her complete and total incompetence, I present you with her most recent communication in response to yet another query about the status of my picture: 

b2: Yes, well, uh....You don't realize how much time Stargate takes out of a person's life! Also I would send you one now but b1 is, again, at work. 

Stargate, readers? Really? STARGATE! As it happens, Stargate has never taken one moment of my life.
More's the pity.

It's important to note that b1 and b2 are not numbered in order of importance but rather in order of who contacted me first on the subject. Although b1 would assuredly tell you differently.

It is also of merit to note that b1 and b2 are entirely awesome regardless of non-receipt of the photo. I post all this because the two of them will find it humorous. Whether or not anyone else will is debatable.


  1. Look at it this way: my failings as a pseudo-employee have allowed you to create a whole post! That's 1 more post than you'd have had if I had been a responsible person and had just taken the 10 seconds it would take to snap and send that picture. :)

  2. Holy crap! An entire post about me! I feel so special. Yes I only just got to read this right now because I haven't had internet capabilities in like 2 months. This is awesome. You should write posts about me more often. It makes your blog like completely amazing.

    Also I would like a picture of YOUR feet now.

  3. I love my b1 & b2 comments. Actually I just love my b1 & b2. You guys are awesome!

  4. I love my b1 & b2 comments. Actually I just love my b1 & b2. You guys are awesome!