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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Would you like to take a survey?

So yesterday my sister Margaux sent me a survey for a music research project she is working on. A chance for me to drone on and on about my love of music? I am so there! I decided to share my responses with you. Aren't you blessed? This is also known as totally "phoning it in" with the blogging because all of my "real" posts are not ready. Because I have a life. Sort of. And it keeps me busy. Sort of.

Do you have any 1st experience you remember of music? If yes, what was it?
My earliest memory would be mom singing me lullabies. Sometimes Kingdom Melodies but mostly a song that I didn't realize was a Beatles song until years and years later. The song was "Good Night."

When do you most often listen to or want to listen to music?
In the car. Well all the time. But my favorite time is in the car. I sometimes will drive around randomly just to listen to the music in the car.

Do you have memories tied to or involving specific songs or artists? How does it make you feel when you listen to that music again? (Tell me some stories!!:))
Too many! Seriously. I have SO many strong memories tied to music. Sometimes I just associate a certain song or artist with a person. Sometimes a moment in time. Sometimes a long period of time. For instance, "My Boo" by Usher/Alicia Keys will always be every happy moment of my relationship with Julius. The song "Hanging By A Moment" by Lifehouse is Ben Laubscher. (not in a romantic way-he just introduced me to the song). The Pixies, "Where Is My Mind" and Pearl Jam's album 10 make my mind flit to Jason Huot. "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" is all you(Margaux) of course. "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John belongs to Chase. The band The Fray belongs to Kaylan. "American Honey" by Lady A and any Prince song will always and forever be Jessica.  I could go on and on and on.

What do you feel makes a great song?
Two things and not necessarily together. 1. Honesty.  Example: Paul Simon. He talks about small real moments in human life. It feels authentic. Is that too Oprah? Oprah has totally ruined the word authentic hasn't she?  2. A dance my butt off beat.

Do you believe music has the ability to heal? Why or why not?
Yes but only if you are using music wisely. For instance, sad break up songs have their time and place but too much and you are going to seriously be down in the doldrums. I have found not so much that music heals me, but rather that a kick butt beat can drive away my crazies. The beat bounces the negativity, frustration, and desperation out of my mind. It's probably giving me brain damage. I like brain damage. It's why I constantly mourn the loss of my "system" in my car. I was actually just discussing this with Jerry, but he says we are grown now and "systems" are for young people. I might have shed a tear.

What inspires you about listening to music?
That it is transporting. And transcendent. Great example of this: Nina Simone's version of "Feeling Good." The first time I heard that song, the world stopped. It gives me chills. Makes me want to weep. And smile. It's a song about freedom. If you have ever been trapped(in a mine, or a cave, or a bad situation, or in prison, or you know.....whatever), you can tangibly, physically feel that song. It's not just the words or her voice or the music. It's all of it together. It's an experience. A moment.
Does any of that make any sense? Probably not.

What do you enjoy about live music more so than on the radio/ipod, or do you?
So I hate to admit this because it makes me feel completely uncool but I vastly prefer recorded music as opposed to live music. I find that live music is generally about the artist/band rather than the music. I have blogged before about how John Mayer as a person has sort of ruined John Mayer music for me. I really hate that!

I enjoy live music for the experience. Generally you go with people. There's food and alcohol and fun memories. All good things. But I want my music to be as pure and undefiled as possible.

How does music affect your life if at all?
Well today is one of those days where my thoughts threaten to destroy me. I have been obsessing for the last two hours about lying and liars and how no one can be trusted and I am going to turn into Gregory House (from the Fox show House) and become addicted to Vicodin and have as my mantra that "Everybody lies." Except that just now I put my iPod on my WAKE UP! play list which is all upbeat happy fun music. And now I am just want to dance like an idiot to The Gap Band's "You Dropped a Bomb On Me." Does "You Dropped a Bomb On Me" offer some kind of life altering message of eternal hope? No. It's just a mood switch that I desperately needed. It's perspective.  I think that a lot of people get trapped inside their own heads and music is a really, really great way to get out of the ugly ruts we create in our minds.

How would you respond? I have this awesome little comment feature right below this post and you could totally tell me all about it! Jus' Sayin'


  1. totally TOTALLY RIGHT ON! Look, Megsie - I'm anonymous! Love, ma.

  2. totally TOTALLY RIGHT ON! Look, Megsie - I'm anonymous! Love, ma.