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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bad Habits ~ Maxwell

I have two completely useless random things I would like to share with you:

1. I started using my Google Calendar and I put my appointments on the calendar in purple instead of the default red. I LOVE seeing the purple so much that I just keep staring at my calendar. In summary, I am weird and really love purple and it is most definitely the "little things" people. Ohhh the little things. How I love them.

I am going to go stare at my purple appointments a little more and then come back and tell you the second thing. Hold please.

Okay I am back. The appointments STILL looked awesome by the way.

2. Can anyone give me a scientific-ish reason for why when I am getting a full night's sleep I lose my appetite and when I can not sleep, I am chronically starving?  For a review of my deep and abiding insomnia issues check just about any other post on this blog. I used to mention it pretty frequently. About a week and a half ago, I started taking a generic over the counter form of Unisom. Thing of beauty. For optimum experience, I have to take it at about 9 PM and be all ready to drift off by 10 PM, which is painfully early but so, so worth it. Except for the whole not eating thing.  Always a catch. A full night's sleep leaves me feeling fantastic except that I can not force myself to eat a decent meal without some major gagging and force feeding and sick feelings afterwards. In the past week or so there was a series of about three days where I ate approximately 50 almonds total. And that was all. And that much was hard to get down.

Last night, I didn't sleep at all. Not one hour. Or minute. Or second. Possibly because I had one small alcoholic beverage and then had an epic freak out about taking a sleeping pill several hours later. Or maybe because I was trying rather desperately to smooth things over with someone that I was a heinous jerk to recently. One of those two. Okay, both. End result? You guessed it. No sleep = I am starving with the hunger of a thousand fresh from hibernation grizzly bears.

So does anybody out there have plans for lunch?

Random quote just for Firefly fans: If wishes were horses, we would all be eating steak.

If you know that line:  YOU. ARE. AWESOME!

This post was totally awful wasn't it? I mentioned that I didn't sleep last night right? This is what I have got people! This is what I've got.


  1. Later on you can explain to me why that's supposed to be a comfort. :)

  2. Later on you can explain to me why that's supposed to be a comfort. :)