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Friday, April 15, 2011

Confessions ~ Usher (Volume 9)

1. When I see something in my Google Reader that I know I will be pinning on pinterest, in my head I say, "PINNING" just like Charlie Sheen would say "WINNING" and then I chuckle. I amuse myself.

2. I try to not talk about my job too much/ever (don't all longtime Dooce readers abide by this?), but days like yesterday are my favorite at work. Why? Because they are the kind of days where my boss and I both can not accomplish what we need to get accomplished because technology is clearly against us. We both slam around the office muttering and grumbling. One day technology is going to push us both just a little too far and we will both go totally Office Space on all of the machines in the office. In fact, it is beyond shocking that the copier survived yesterday. I enjoy these rare moments of my boss and I being on the same page.

3. One of my favorite new blogs is Whims and Fancies, by Dizzy Lizzy. I happen to think she is wickedly funny.  I commented on her blog the other day and her comment back to me really inflated my ego.  Three seconds later, I stepped on the edge of my maxi skirt and fell flat on my face. Ego deflated.

4. I subscribe to 227 blogs in my Google Reader. Might be time to do a little review/clean up. Also, major pet peeve is blogs that don't have the full blog post show up. That just show the first paragraph and then you have to click to the site to read the whole post. Those blogs always get unsubscribed to because it is so annoying.

5. I finally got a bed frame and last night when I climbed into bed I was totally scared that 1. I would fall out of bed or 2. the bed frame would break and fall apart on me. Like I had trouble falling asleep, I was so worried about falling out of bed. Sad, right?

6. I have several noticeable bruises on my legs. I don't know how I got them. Matter of concern?

7. It's a miracle that this blog doesn't just have one post every day that says, "I love Anthony Hamilton's music."  I decide at least once a week that I need to do a post about Anthony Hamilton and then I remember that I already have. Such is my obsession. In a similar vein, Maxwell twitterpated some intriguing things about the new album. Giving me hope that it will actually be released in the near future. I hope he knows not to toy with my emotions.

I am going to attempt to do some posts this weekend. Especially the mythical family vacation memories post I keep promising. That being said,  I might get caught up in the 18,000 other things I could potentially be doing and not post at all. Either way, have an ab fab weekend. And please, please, please tell me that when I use the phrase "ab fab" you immediately see two completely insane British women in garish clothing in your mind's eye.

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