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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Can I Take U Home ~ Jaime Foxx

I recently went home for a long weekend.

I got in late Thursday night.

Friday I spent some time with my sister and my main squeeze:

Friday afternoon and evening were devoted to celebrating the reason for my visit home, my girl Samantha's wedding!

The  future bride and groom at rehearsal. 
After rehearsal fun:


The only picture I have of the groom on his wedding day and it is with his new brother -in-law, not his new wife. How sad is that? 

 Sunday was family day:

Sunday afternoon: GO CARDINALS! WE WON!

Sunday evening my sisters and I totally overwhelmed our beloved nephew with our girl power. BEHOLD:

Does he or does he not looked totally freaked?? 

My sister Margaux and I went to breakfast. Check out this waffle-y goodness!:

Then my sister Rita and I went to the zoo with a group of friends:

Rita, Kaylan, and I were totally enthralled by the sting ray and shark exhibit: 

My hand on a shark. I got to pet a shark! They feel like sand paper. 

And then I went back to Tucson.

The end. 

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  1. I like all these pictures!! especially the 1 of you & joey..it makes me laugh