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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Childhood Dreams ~ Nelly Furtado

My mom gave my sisters and I storage boxes full of things from our childhood. My box contained all these little daily journal pages that we had to write every day in elementary school. Here are some of the more entertaining bits:

I am leaving spelling as is.....

11-16-1988: My mom had a baby. I wanted a girl and thats what I got. It ways nine pounds. It's going tobe named ethier Rida or Anna. I hope they name her Rida. But the good thing is I won't be the midel child. 

1-24-1989: Some thing verey funny happend today. I forgot I was eight. 

10-3-1988: My room is still ai mess. You can walk in it a little. 

04-15-1988: Deann and I are tring to tare the school down. We don't want the school to stay up. I can play baskitball and baseball. I love me. 

04-28-1988: I am crazy thes mowning. 

04-14-1988: I can do sinluingwag.   
Can you translate? It took me awhile to figure this one out. I can do sign language. And am also apparently a spelling genius. 

4-13-1988: I forgot what I wanted to say so I guss Ill stop. 

Date unknown: I am a person that likes rain. 
And yet, here I am in the desert. 

2-17-1988: I do not like it when my baby sister says that she does not went me to get her. 

04-19-1988: Mrs. Cave said I am silly. I am so happy and I don't no y. I want gammie bears! I like tadpoles. They are fun. Sometimes some grials are krasy becuas they love boy's and their to youing. 
Deep thoughts with Meg's Mind. Age 7. 

4-18-1988: I giggle a lot. 

Date unknown: Emma had a bike reak why was at the beach. And I fell that day and Zaek got hert and it was a bad day. Although really it sort of sounds like a typical family weekend day......

Date unknown: My Grandma is very old. She has gray hair. And she lets me have any good thing she has. 

11-4-1988: Our state Illinois is little. And it is kind of big. 

12-6-1988: ....But I won't be alone because Emma will be there. I like her baby siting. 
No, truly, I wrote that I liked her babysitting and then I crossed it out. 

1-11-88: This weekend was almost grose. Thursday my friend spent the night and got sick. And she through up on my pillow. 

Okay before I write out this next one I need to explain that I LOVE to joke about how my mom's phrase when I was growing up was, "I don't like that." 
Date unknown: I am sad because my mom is in the hospitel. And I am also sad because she won't be out until Saturday. I don't like that. 

Date unknown: All weekend Emmas been bugging me like crazy. 

3-2-1988: I am mad at my baby sister becues she made a mas of my paper. 

1-25-1988: My big sistr is 12 and she is a twrp but I love her. 

4-12-1988: I have a very mean little sister. But she's nice sum time's. 

5-16-1988: I am verey crasy. 

3-24-1988: I am going to taking one of Mrs. Caves hores! Emma frind mihgt get one too! 
So I had to reread this one a few times to figure it out. Mrs. Cave was my first grade teacher. On this paper she noted directly below the sentence about "hores" that it was not hers, but her father's. I am pretty sure the word I was looking for was "horses." 

3-30-1988: stand by me is groes it's not for children. 

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