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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I love this game. I really love this game.

So, of course, I have been watching the final episodes of Oprah. The Part 1 episode that aired on Monday had me crying over everything. Every little clip, song, surprise guest. It was rather pathetic.  The second episode that aired on Tuesday, only had me crying at one scene. Can you guess which one?

No you can't. I could not have even guessed what I am about to tell you.

Michael Jordan.

And I am not talking teary-eyed. I am talking full on crying.

Michael Jordan.

This has been an especially sweet NBA season for me.  I realized as I wiped the tears from my eyes while watching MJ show Oprah some love that if the Bulls somehow manage to win the Eastern Conference Finals (I know, I know) and win the championship, I would totally lose it and sob like a baby.

Some might call me a fair weather fan because I haven't watched too many Bulls games since 1999. (Truthfully, I have tried to watch and watching the Bulls lose is just too hard for me.) Some might say it was just about Jordan. And yes, a lot of it was about Jordan then. But it was also about an Illinois team. It was also about a sporting event on tv that I could get into with my dad. I remember watching playoffs and final games with him. And in the end, it became about something I love. I love this game.

And now a trip down memory lane:

This also made me cry:

YouTube Link

YouTube Link

YouTube Link

Best part of this next video? MJ's outfit.

YouTube Link

And while I am not going to share it here, I also found a tribute video to Michael Jordan set to "I Believe I Can Fly" by R. Kelly. And guess what? Yeah, it totally made me cry.

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