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Friday, May 20, 2011

Two Weeks ~ Grizzly Bear


Do you have plans for this weekend?

If you do, I hope they are fantastic! I hope you have a great weekend!

If you don't, might I suggest a few things?

1. Listen to Grizzly Bear's songs "Two Weeks" and "Easier" on repeat.
2. Occasionally throw in some zydeco and dance like you are the least self-conscious person to have existed ever. I like Buckwheat Zydeco and their songs "Zydeco Boogaloo" and "Hot Tamale Baby."
3. Handle your scandal. Think about all the things hanging over your head stressing you out. Get rid of at least one of those things. Handle your business.
4. Eat something really delicious. Bonus if you made it yourself.
5. Breathe.
6. Do something intellectually stimulating.
7. Focus on someone other than yourself. Show personal interest.
8. Give yourself a pedicure.

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