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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Choose Your Own Adventure

Remember Choose Your Own Adventure books? 

I, personally, did not care for them because sometimes you chose unwisely and the adventure ended in an unsatisfying manner. I like my plots forced on me. Books should be a dictatorship, not a democracy.

But today, this blog is going to actually care about what you THE READER wants from this blog.

Vote for my next blog post. To be posted whenever I feel like posting it.

Look! A democracy and a dictatorship all rolled into one.

This is the Icy Hot of blogs.


  1. I tried to vote for the Lady Gaga 1 like a whole bunch but I don't think it will let me...so just know I want that 1 alot.

  2. I entered your vote for you! 

  3. "Books should be a dictatorship, not a democracy." I totally agree. I read my choose your own adventure books over and over and over until I found an ending that I liked, but it just isn't the same that way. I think I might have to steal this quote from you at some point.

  4. Those choose your own adventure books always ended badly for me too!

  5. Steal away! I would be honored!

  6. Whenever I felt like they were going to end badly, I would just be lie to myself about which choice I had made, go back, and start again. I was a Choose Your Own Adventure Cheater.