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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

All Day Sucker ~ Stevie Wonder

Being smart is really difficult.

No wait!

What I mean is getting smart is really difficult.

Was that last sentence grammatically correct?  I am not sure.


I took my television out of my bedroom. It was my constant companion. That is why it had to go. There is still the television in the living room, of course. But it is not the same. My soft sheets and plush mound of pillows are not in the living room.


After spending the first few days of television-free time staring at the walls in my room, I decided if I was going to stop rotting my mind, maybe I should start expanding it. Side point: I have a vast capacity for sitting and staring at walls. Meg's Mind occupies itself for an alarmingly long time with no outside help. Is that a symptom of something? Also I talk to myself. And I respond. Jus' sayin'

Back to main point:

Expanding my mind. Trying to become smarter. Very difficult.

Here are my current endeavors:

1. Learning how to play chess. Chess confounds me. I am not strategic person. I am more a person of strategery.

I enlisted someone to help teach me but the poor person is good at chess. It is, apparently, not that fun for someone good at chess to play with someone who just moves the pieces around the board at random and then says, repeatedly, "Wait! What just happened?"

2. Crossword puzzles. Lots and lots of crossword puzzles. I love crossword puzzles. A lot.

3. Words With Friends. I have already learned that "qi" is a word. Go me! I lose every time I play. No me!

4. Listening to This American Life via their iPhone app. I have at my disposal every single episode ever aired. I have made it through half of two episodes. I am trying to just suck it up and make it through a whole episode but MAN! talk radio is just so deathly boring. Slam head on desk in despair boring. Listen to half an episode and then try to recover my will to live with music boring. Okay, I am being harsh. The half of the episode about how money was really just nothing was mildly interesting in a "wow this world is a desperate mess" kind of way.

5. Translating Russian to English. And not the cheater pig way. Do smart people say "cheater pig?" I do not use technology.  I have paragraphs printed in Russian and I use my Russian/English dictionary to translate them. My vocabulary is so low that I basically have to look up every single word. My hope is that dedicating myself to two paragraphs of translation a day will rapidly improve my Russian vocabulary.

How do you keep your mind sharp?
Or make it sharper?


  1. At the risk of being repetitive and boring, I'm gonna say 'I watch House M.D.' And I also read your blog. I do both these thing with alarming consistency. I also drink olive oil to keep the brain ridges greased up and moving. Which of these are you willing to do? 

  2. I love words with friends. Let's pay and both continue to expand our vocabularies. :)
    Juliamariestern is my name on it.

  3. I love This American Life!