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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back To You ~ John Mayer

Since last we met:

1. I have spent a lot of time thinking about how I could arrange for a Somali family to come stay with me. I would make them oatmeal every morning. Really, I have spent hours of brain power on feeding Somalis the oatmeal in my cupboard that I am not eating. It has become something of a fixation of mine.

2. I developed pleurisy at precisely 7:10 PM Monday night. I expect to die a slow death from it. Even though I have WebMD'd pleurisy, I have decided it is actually what those characters in Anne of Green Gables died from because I can't remember what it is called. Oh! Consumption! That is what it was! Yes. In my mind, pleurisy = consumption. Also I like the word pleurisy. Which is why I developed it at 7:10 PM Monday night. Symptoms include stabbing chest pains on left side when taking a deep breath. Also I coughed three times at approximately 8:45 PM Monday. I feel basically okay today but I think the symptoms come and go.

3. I suffered GREAT humiliation when I discovered that I had played one and a half games of chess fully believing my queen was my king and vice versa. Why must I learn such an easy lesson the hard way?  I also learned that in chess each move is vital and that the game goes much more smoothly for me when I move my pawns as little as possible at the beginning of the game. I am also learning to be offensive as opposed to defensive. Defend being my auto setting on any game. I am not an offensive person. No matter what Jesse the Esse may claim.

4. I have won and lost a fairly equal amount of games in Words with Friends.

5. I have started to enjoy "This American Life."   And by "enjoy" I mean that it is giving me a whole new mess of stuff to roll around in my brain and freak out about. Like Chernobyl. I know. I am late to the party. BUT if the current situation in Somalia is any indication of how this world works-everything old is eventually new again and humans just keep on making the same old mistakes so the way I see it, I am just ahead of the curve for when it comes out that Japanese officials totally mangled the proper handling of a nuclear disaster.

6. I read this hilarious article.

7. I got carried away at the library.

8. I called a truce with Chuck Norris since he begrudgingly produced a few blooms. For reference: 

Here is what I wanted. 

Here is what I got. 
9. I tried to plan posts for the next two weeks when I will be utterly unavailable. I have basically failed miserably so far but maybe in the next few days I will make it happen.

10. I went here!  In Tucson! Because we have one now! Yay! I actually went on "opening day" such was my excitement. I went with friends. It was grand. 

 11. I must now return to the extreme busyness that I have going on. It is entirely possible you won't hear from me again until.....oh.....September. Jus' sayin'.

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  1. Elizabeth Grove86August 8, 2011 at 5:59 PM

    Getting carried away at the library is so darned intellectual.  Even if not a single other person on the planet knows it.