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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dirt Road Anthem ~ Jason Aldean

The comment section on yesterday's post has given me a whole new set of issues. We all know that was the last thing I needed. Seriously, if you read the post and missed the comments you need to check that mess out. Hilarious!

So the adorable Mugdha talks about music every Tuesday. Today I am going to talk about music too.

I was in the car with my sorta sister-in-law KayKay the other day and I was telling her about this new song I heard on the radio called "Novocaine." I was explaining that the lyrics of this song made me want to stop being a valid member of society and instead just stay in my room all day praying for today's youth because that song is so jacked up. Just after explaining all of this to her, the song came on the radio. But she refused to listen to it. She did not want to suffer with me. So I decided to make her suffer in other ways. Insert evil laugh here.

To begin, I reminded her of my love of Britney. Her immediate reaction was that it is Britney SPEARS! She has not earned one word moniker status. And I responded by explaining that not only had she become a one name star, that one name was "BritBrit."  You know, like KayKay! Surprisingly, KayKay's head did not explode from this although it was a close call.

Next up, I informed her that there was this new Jason Aldean song that I totally loved. Namely, I loved the chorus and just tried to pretend the rest of the song did not exist. Because the rest of the song was country rap. KayKay asked that I never ever ever ever use the phrase "country rap" ever again. I said that not only did this song feature "country rap" but that there is a remix of the song that features Ludacris. We both agreed this was horrendous but I then countered that it was better than that Tim McGraw/Nelly mess that hurts me to my very core. KayKay shrieked that she LOVED that Tim McGraw/Nelly mess and my head did explode. But I was about to exact my revenge..........

I played Lil' Wayne's foray into R&B "How To Love." And then just to rub salt and lemon juice into that open wound, I compared it to 112. It was at this point that KayKay blacked out from sheer pain and despair. I sort of see her point. What has this world come to? Ludacris has gone country. Jason Aldean is trying to rap. Lil' Wayne has issues with boundaries and so crosses them all the time, regardless of the consequences. Doesn't anyone know their place anymore?

And then I went to the library and checked out the following CD's"

1. Kellie Pickler's self-titled album.
 Way, way better than I expected. I had really low expectations though.

2. Forever Your Girl, Paula Abdul.

YouTube Link

 Enough said!

3. Country Strong Soundtrack
Was not overly fond of the movie but I love the song "Give In To Me."

4. Musiqinthemagiq, Musiq Soulchild
He isn't what he once was but he usually generates a few solidly good songs.

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout! I must say I went to go listen to the Jason Aldean song you mentioned, and I actually really like it, country rap and all, haha.

    And I am of the opinion that Britney is totally at the point where everyone who doesn't live under a rock will recognize her by that one-name moniker. Britney, I mean, not BritBrit haha