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Monday, July 4, 2011

Much Love Monday: Crossword Puzzle Books

So I am currently suffering from a severe crossword puzzle addiction. 

I now own 4 crossword puzzle books. 

This is my new and beautiful favorite: 

It's the luxe edition because it is hard cover, spiral bound, and most lovely of all, it has gold gilded edges. 

And that is what I am loving this Monday. 

How about you? 


  1. I much loved ice cold water this Monday. I drank 4.5 litres of it and it made my heart sing.

  2. Liz! Don't go getting all healthy on me! Next you will start to be responsible and organized.  Slippery slope! 

  3. dropping by from much love monday! gold glided edges? wow, this is really 1 luxe edition!