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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.....

An Interview

M: What do you think is the greatest place in Tucson? And Why?This question is extremely dependent on circumstance. Greatest place if I'm by myself: probably a library or bookstore where I don't have to talk to anyone.

With friends: well, I pretty much don't care where I am if I'm in a group of friends.

However, some of my favorite times are when it's a small group actually interacting. Example: watching the city lights/sunset at Windy Point.

Example: stargazing on the roof with Star Maps and guitars.

M: Meg's Mind is to logic as Becca's Mind is to ________________.
Social observation

M:Tell me something about yourself.
I am at my most comfortable when I am around people whose thinking I understand. Conversation does not come naturally, unless I am able to play off how the other person's brain works, especially when it comes to humor. Making someone laugh is a very rewarding pursuit for me.

M: Enough about you! Tell me something about ME!
You often underestimate yourself or what you accomplish.

M: That was uncomfortable for me, back to you! Name a song that makes you most feel like you. You may explain why if you like.
This is a hard question. I feel in my element when listening to a soundtrack. Or Muse. But not a specific song that is just like "hey this is MY song."
M: Interviewing people is really hard and I am kinda over it already. Write your own question here. And then answer it.
Is this a trick question? I think so.

M: Are you glad that you decided to learn the Russian language? Is there another language you have an interest in mastering?
I am very happy I'm learning Russian. I like language learning, and I would love to master any of them. Scratch that -- I want to master all of them.

M: Coolest place you have ever been. Dream place to go. Home away from home. Where are these places for you?
a) Carlsbad caverns. Fascinating things, caves.

b) Here's the thing: I have different dream places for different reasons. I mean, Russia is an obvious choice for obvious reasons. UK is a close second (yes, and it's largely due to Doctor Who.) But one of the reasons I want to go visit other places (countries, specifically) is not just so I can visit and tour. I want to actually feel like I live there and see things from the cultural, native perspective of the inhabitants.

c) Jen and Andrew's house. I could live there so easily, it really is like coming home.

M: What are your issues?
I procrastinate. I prefer to shirk responsibility rather than shoulder it. I am easily distracted by unimportant things. I don't have good self-discipline. (Oh wait, those are all basically the SAME issue.)

M: Please enter closing thoughts here. Make them good so that I don't have to make too much effort when I turn this into a post.
Oh good lord I should have read all the questions before starting to answer. Then I would have realized exactly what I was signing myself up for.

I am being completely honest when I say that my closing thought to this interview is, "Почему Меган? Почему?"


  1. You're so clever Meg. I want to cut up Meg's Mind and jam it all into My Mind.

  2. did you close with Obladi Oblada, life goes on...brah!  I didn't have my glasses on...