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Monday, October 3, 2011

Friday Finds

Connecting elephants, camels, circles, and triangles to math: http://youtu.be/DK5Z709J2eo

Amen, Maggie. Amen. 

Baby Snow Leopards? Yes please! Actually, you need to just start going to the ZooBorns website on a regular basis. Trust me. Baby Kiwi? SQWEEEEEEE! Baby Komodo Dragons in Phoenix? Skin-crawlingly awesome! Baby lions in Tucson! Baby elephant in San Diego!

New fashion I am lusting over.  Clearly, Joy Cioci is a fan of color. I also am a fan of color. Match made in fashion heaven. Also Lyn Devon.

Bags. Oh bags! And made in Tucson? Be still my beating heart.  I. WANT. SO. MANY!!!

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