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Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Finds

I have established a blogging schedule of sorts and my hope is that most Fridays I will share with you links I like and introduce you to one of my 8 zillion blog reads.

Last week I shared my love of my edit. This week it is Oh Happy Day. If you follow any kind of blogs at all, you have probably heard of event planner,  Jordan Ferney.  Her blog is a great resource for insanely awesome DIY party ideas. She is currently living her dream of spending a year in Paris, so you can also find great insider travel tips on visiting Paris. This blog is one of my favorite reads and I am constantly pinning her DIY ideas on my Pinterest boards.

In other Internet news:

Anna Emilia prints. Lovely. Especially this one.

Has anyone ever ate at an Old Chicago restaurant? It looks good and they have one in Mesa.....

I need to read this over and over and over again:  How To Have a Social Life and Still Save Money.
via Yes and Yes.


  1. what fun!  I loved the prints.

  2. yes and yes.  love the calendar; love the concept!