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Monday, September 3, 2012


Last week I was all disgusted with music that I classified as "mellow" and then I listened to Bon Iver's "Bon Iver" CD. Is this mellow? Is it totally hypocritical that I love it?

"Michicant" on replay. Yesssirreee.

I went hiking yesterday. And ate soup. And drank wine. And chilled my back and over heated my front sitting in a ring around a fire with a bunch of really good friends - while roasting marshmallows.

The day before I made a lot of cookies and bought really cute gray boots.

Today I woke up to rain. And snow on top of the mountains.

EDTS (Every Day The Same) has gone into remission.


  1. Fantastic!  Loved it...really brightened up my gray, weary, IL (ill) day!  I think i'll go roast a marshmallow....