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Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Turkey Story

I had made the long drive so many times. So very many times. Why not take the road less travelled? Live a little. See new things. Anything to break up the monotony of the 7+hour drive through Southern New Mexico and Arizona.

The road less travelled turned out to be narrow and winding (as roads less travelled so often are) but worth it. It provided sweeping vistas of New Mexico. Mountains far in the distance. And then it led into to the mountains. Pine covered mountains. 

And that was when I started to get a little nervous. Nervous because outside the safety of the desert is where the predators live. The modern day velociraptor could have been around any of the hundreds of hair pin curves on this road less travelled. 

And there at curve 236, the evil attacked. Two wild turkeys rushed out of the trees they had been lurking among and ran in front of my car. 

Speed up? 
Slow down? 

In my panic, I found myself unable to adjust my speed. I was only able to let out a great scream. I narrowly missed the great birds of prey but my screaming continued. My windows were down and I was afraid they would attempt to fly in my window and attack. Alas,  I could not roll up my windows because my hands were frozen to the wheel. 

The evil ran back into the trees. I continued driving. I knew I should pull over and compose myself. Wipe the tears from my eyes. Vomit. Try to loosen my grip on the steering wheel. I could not. I did not know how many more of the velocivultures lay in wait. I could not take the risk. I could not let my guard down. 

I was tense and miserable the rest of the drive through Gila National Forest in New Mexico. It's beauty could not calm me. I was not able to breath a sigh of relief until I reach the safety of civilization. 

The End

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  1. oooh....I SO know that feeling....irrational fear....or is it?!!  Ha, Ha.  Seriously though, hope you enjoy your visit once you got home.