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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

30 after 30 update.

This week's Library Loving segment will probably be postponed til tomorrow because I am reading a really good book right now and I am thisclose to being finished with it. In the meantime, there is this update on my 30 after 30 challenge:

1. Redesign my blog.
I am fairly happy with where my blog is right now, but I still have big ideas that I want to work towards.

2. Make and deliver my 5 handmade gifts that I promised.
I have done 3 of the 5. BAD! I hope to have the last two done within a month (or so).

3. Sponsor a giveaway on my blog.
Still working on this one...

4. Figure out how to run the desired reports from the database at the non-profit I do some work for in my "spare" time. Think this is a lame goal? It would mean A LOT to people who are trying to run a productive non-profit on a very limited budget. Also it is a techie-type challenge. I love a good techie-type challenge.

5. Fully pay off at least one of my majorly stress-inducing debts. And don't get judgy, none of them are credit card debts. I don't do credit cards. My debts are mostly medical in nature. Awesome.
I am feeling more comfortable about how this as far as a budget goes. I will have one debt paid off within the next few months. One down, let's just be in denial about how many to go.

6. Keep hosting one dinner per month at my house.
This came to an end when I moved. I no longer have an oven or a table.

7. Learn to listen to my instinct. Delete toxic people. Ask myself more frequently: Am I getting as good as I am giving? And if the answer is no, move on.

8. Treat people the way I want to be treated. Regardless of how they treat me.

9. Stop giving it all away.

10. Fully accomplish my ministry goals.
I have had to change/re-evaluate my goals here.

11. Develop regular study patterns so I can improve my Russian.
Utter failure.

12. Develop regular exercise patterns so I can improve my thighs. Swimsuit season in Tucson is almost endless. Thighs must get with the program.
I worked out yesterday and the day before yesterday - it was the first time in OH SO LONG!

13. Go to San Francisco this year for a Russian-speaking assembly in April and a wedding in May.
I was not able to go the wedding which was major sadness for me.

14. Spend more time with my best friend.

15. Meet new people. Make a few new friends. Take it slow. Let it develop.

16. Send out thank you cards faster. Like within a week. Instead of a month. Or two. Or three. Oops.
17. Join a voluntary construction crew.

18. Work smarter and harder.
Adult ADD/ADHD say what????

19. Waste less time aimlessly wandering basic cable and the Internet.

20. Read 5 books.
21. Pray more. Taste and see that God is good. Let my faith grow.

22. End caffeine addiction.
Not even remotely close to this happening.

23. Read the Bible every day.
Needs work.

24. Get 2 new tires for my car.

25. Buy a bed frame. Get my mattress set up off the floor.

26. Eat at least two "decent" meals a day. Everyday.
Perhaps a better goal would have been to just plain eat something decent at least once a day. My eating habits are beyond awful.

27. Wear makeup more frequently. Maybe even everyday.
More frequently, yes. Everyday, no.

28. Learn three new ways to style my hair.
I would say that I have one and a half new hair styles I can do right now.

29. Don't let them see me sweat. Develop poise. You will not see me suffer. No matter how you destroyed me.
Nah, I am still totally transparent.

30. Sing and dance everyday. In my house. Where no one can see. Or hear.
I probably do this everyday without realizing.

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  1. That's awesome! That's a lotta stuff crossed off! And you thought you needed a life coach!