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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Art of Living Alone

Develop a busy schedule. So busy that when you are home alone it feels absolutely luxurious. 

Make your friends and family your priority. Solitude in excess can lead to selfishness. 

Sleep in the middle of the bed. Sprawl. Contemplate how impossible this would be if not for your solitude. 

When you are cooking or cleaning, think to yourself how lovely it is to eat exactly what you want when you want and how lovely it is to only have yourself to clean up after. 

Decorate at will. 

Be a part of a community. 

Have "In Case Of Emergency" contacts you can trust. Make sure they have all the necessary information about you so that they can actually be helpful. 

I absolutely adore living alone. Do you live alone? How do you feel about it? 


  1. I enjoyed living alone for a while when I was your age, but eventually missed companionship that you can get living with someone you love.  Doing things together like going to a movie and having someone to eat out with or just going for a walk with.  I know some older people (older than you ;)) who live alone and tend to be more stubborn, set in their ways and a bit on the selfish side.  I think living alone can go either way. 

  2. Oh I am very probably set in my ways! I just make sure I have plenty of friends who will tell me when I am being ridiculous.

  3. You've practically dittoed my thoughts, Megsie!!  And, here I am on the run...but will get back to this.  Thanks for the insightful thoughts!  Te Amo.

  4. I have actually never lived on my own, but I would really like to try some day...

  5. I lived alone for about 2 years before I got married and how I loved it! The things you said are bang on. And they make living alone an absolute pleasure.