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Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Finds

Color Me Katie is a blog by Katie Sokoler. She is a "24 year old freelance photographer, actress, street artist and fun maker." I have linked to a post or two of hers before. She is always quirky and fun. If you find your life lacking in color or silliness, I suggest you check out her blog. She is never lacking in either. 

Okay I have a challenge for you. Go to this YouTube video and see how long you can watch it before you can not stand it anymore and must make it stop. I made it 11 seconds. Some dads just should not sing. 

Even bigger challenge, how many Arnold screams can you make it through? I only made it through one. 

Progressive Dinners. Anybody ever have one? I want to hear about it. Tell me your story in the comments. Did it go well? 


  1. Emma was just talking about having a progressive dinner for Juli's friends. Sounds pretty cool.

  2. I love the little heart rocks.  I'm going to do that!

  3. That is the most ghastly song I have ever heard! But I made it through. I am telling you. I can be your life coach!!!

  4. LOL! I am excited to see how your 28 dinners turn out!