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Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Finds

Prepare yourself, this is going to be a long Friday Finds. I am trying to clean out all the stuff I have starred in my Reader dating back to December 2010.

Due to the length of today's post, I am not going to feature a specific blogger today.

This is what you should be doing with your spare time: Knoword  I love this game! That might make me a bigger dork than you originally thought.

I skimmed the article, "6 Shocking Ways TV Rewires Your Brain"  and found it pretty interesting. Trying to lose weight? Turn the tv off! Trying to stave off lonliness? Turn the tv on.

Ugh, my MacBook Pro is in serious need of some cleaning. Is yours?


Watch this, be sad, and then be resolved to never text and drive again. I know I am.

Dear Margaux,
If I had any kind of money at all, I would buy you 5 plates from this shop for you to arrange and hang on one of your walls. Cute for days! Especially some variation of the two pictured here:
The 6" Modern Monogrammed Collection- Ring Bearer, Anniversaries or Birth Plate
Then I would buy 5 more for my place! Like these:
Choose Your Word Large Plate As Featured at Apartment Therapy

I am going to go through my closet and see what I have and what is missing from this list.

My friend Chelsea introduced me to this blog and I love this post on how to look and feel radiant.

Thanks to this post from Oh Joy (featuring a previous Friday Find Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day) I now have decided I NEED a Cameroon JuJu Hat. Most ridiculous need ever! But specifically this one!

So I have a few new online obsessions: 1. The Guardian's series of celebrities writing letter to their 16 year-old selves. 2. The Guardian's series of celebrities telling us what they see when they look in the mirror. And last but not even remotely least: 3. The Life Report via The New York Times. Start with this one. Deeply moving stuff.

I can never decide are sloths awful or awesome? Tell me what you think!

This post is based on this post and now I like to go around accusing people of gaslighting. If anyone dares utter the word "crazy" in front of me I like to yell, "STOP GASLIGHTING."  This makes me seem crazy. I so funny.

Female friends and family: Read this.

If I am ever in Boston again, I am going to Brattle Book Shop. Thanks to Sarah Morgan of Hemenway Street for telling me about it!

Okay that is all for today. I would not be surprised if I run a part two of this ridiculousness.


  1. Doesn't it look great?! Thanks for the mention!

    xo Sarah

  2. aaaagggghhhhhhh!!!!!!  I've been gaslit!!!!!!!!!!!   love your blog, megsie!!