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Monday, December 19, 2011

Much Love Monday - My Place

So I have many more little touches and projects to be done at my place but I have accomplished a few major(for me) projects and so I am really loving it these days.

Basically I stood in the center of the room and turned in a circle to get a shot of each part of the room. Missing from these pictures is the kitchen/front door "area" because I need to rehang a picture that fell.

For a little background, a few months ago I moved into a little studio. It came fully furnished and decorated.  I have changed out most of the decorations but to a certain extent have just had to work with what is already in place. Also, I hang everything myself with no tools whatsoever and so everything is crooked. I just look at it with my head cocked and then I do not really notice.

Office area. This is the one area where everything here is mine and did not come with the place. The large mirror behind my desk is one of my prized possessions because HELLO giant mirrors are stupid expensive and my mom gave me this one for free. Moms are so cool! I just put up my little shelves yesterday and they are making me pretty happy as well.

Still to do: I would like something above the mirror but can not figure out what.
Considering spray painting my little silver file cabinet type thing a bronze color.
Re-upholster the desk's stool cushion with a dusty blue or purple color. You can not tell in this picture but it is currently red.

Right outside of my bathroom. Hold towels and toiletries and such.

Living room area. Another favorite: my cornfield painting. A co-worker painted it and gave it to me. It was one of his least favorite, but I adore it!  What I do not adore is the super random placement of an electrical outlet but there is not a thing I can do about it. Also, please notice that the paper whites are blooming!

Still to do: Buy two new throw pillows. You can not really see the unattractive brown ones currently there. It is for the best. 
Buy a rug for the center of the room that will go in front of this love seat.

Area between bed area and living area.

Bedroom area.
So I had a MUCH better picture of this but it is on my phone that is currently being repaired. When I finish the rest of my projects I will re post a better picture. 
Still to do: Buy a laundry hamper!!

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  1. You know  I like the most? the lamp above your bed. It. Is. Awesome! 
    Also, I'll tell you a secret.:) My washing machine is my laundry hamper.Saves space and money!

  2. Thank you! It is coffee filters hot glued to a paper lantern. It took me and my friends  hours upon hours to complete and it still is kind of uneven and crazy. I love it too though! Also, if my washing machine was not shared with my landlady I would SO do that too! 

  3. Beautiful paper whites! And your place is lovely. Good luck on finishing your projects! :)

  4. That's ingenious! Looks amazing and totally not uneven or crazy.

  5. So... It's kinda like I came over and u gave me that room tour u promised oh-so-long ago.
    Cute what u have done with the place! And I'm with Liz-- I live the light. I want one!