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Monday, December 19, 2011

Ups and Downs at the Office

So my blog's office is the Starbucks at Broadway and Kolb. True story.  I do not have Internet access at home so I office at Starbucks.

Sometimes this is awesome. Like the time the adorable girl told me she liked my boots and asked where I got them. Like she literally stopped whatever she was doing on her laptop to walk across Starbucks and ask me where I got my boots because she wanted them. Sweet!

Sometimes this is not so awesome. Like right now. When I have to put on my headphones and turn them up really loud to block the completely weirdo dysfunctional date going on next to me. Seriously. Take that mess elsewhere.

Also not awesome, I feel compelled to buy a Cranberry Bliss Bar every time I am here. Why are they so good?  Who can explain this to me? I refuse to investigate the calorie situation on the Cranberry Bliss Bar because it will not stop me from eating them, it will just lessen my enjoyment. Ignorance is bliss. Cranberry, cream cheese, white chocolate blondie bliss.

Even less awesome, soon the Cranberry Bliss Bar season will be over.

Also in a moment of shameless self-promotion I would like you to know that if you believe in supporting starving artists you could totally send me a Starbucks Gift Card. Not you mom! Or you Emma! You both already support my habit blog. Also, if you actually did send me a Starbucks Gift Card it would support my delusional belief that I am an artist. And words are my art.  I think that would be called "enabling."  That can not be good. Let's forget the whole Starbucks Gift Card thing.


  1. You totally are an artist! And  you're a rockstar of an artist. I  totally support your  rad art. And I will totally send you Starbucks gift cards as soon as I make some money from the art I make over at my blog. But don't forget. Your words. They are music. And they are pictures. 

  2. to support art is never enabling.....it's in the mail!!  ha, ha.  I have my own selfish reasons - I love reading your blog!!!!!!!!!!!