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Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Finds

In the mood for some extremely cute babykins? Then please meet the Langs.  And now they have another one on the way? Excitement! I originally found the Langs and their blog through their photography, but I stayed for the adorable adventures of Ivy.

No lie, the Elie Saab haute couture 2012 collection makes me swoon. SWOON, I tell you. Swoon.

John Lennon + Thug Life + Rihanna? Does not compute.

Dear Emma, I spent an unreasonable amount of time last night trying to find this hot chocolate for you. I failed. But doesn't it look good?

Why am I not a chef? I have been making scrambled eggs by these guidelines (low heat, stir constantly with a fork, and be generous with butter) for years. I have never been told to do this. It just felt right. And tasted so ridiculously good. Also, scrambled eggs should not be dry or overcooked. That is revolting.

Pat Sajak and Vanna White used to be copious drinkers. And this time I am using copious correctly. So funny.  ~ Thanks to Courtesy Laugh for introducing this necessary information into my life.


  1. I loved the Pat Sajak/Vanna White story.  When I first heard it, i thought it was going to be a big, awful, revelation but it was just fun.  I watched the show after the news "broke" to see if Vanna was any different and she didn't miss a beat.  They are two "wild and crazy guys."  The best part of course, is that they are now older and wiser.  Ha, ha.

  2. I love the Langs! And wow, the way they describe it, no wonder they drank haha.