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Saturday, January 21, 2012

iPhone Apps

Totally "phoning" it in with the title of this post.

Cara of Lilac and Grey recently posted asking about suggestions for iPhone Apps and since I have a ton of them, I thought I would list out some of my most used apps on my phone.

Starbucks. I store any of my Starbucks Gift Card information on this app and then I never have to find my gift card. I can pay with my phone. It makes me feel extra, extra tech snobby to pay with my phone while the plebeians in line around me must use cash or card. How prosaic!

App for my bank. Totally depressing app but very convenient for when I want to know the full extent of my poverty. Currently avoiding that app because my poverty is worse than usual. Also, I will not tell you the name of my banking establishment because I am not in the mood to give them any shout outs.

All of the "With Friends" Games. Chess, Words, Hanging, and Scramble. What can I say? I like losing! And boy, do I ever lose! Also, if you are currently playing me in one of these games, wanna go in "Scramble With Friends" because I do not yet have anyone to really play and this may be the ONE GAME I actually might be able to win at against you. Maybe.

Blogger. This app is not so awesome but it works in a pinch.

Pandora. Where would my life be without Pandora? List of my favorite stations: Blake Shelton station, Paul McCartney & Wings station, Madonna Station, Vampire Weekend Station.

This American Life. Fascinating brain food.

Hot 104.1 St. Louis Hip Hop Station's App. I listen to it when I get really, really, really home sick.

Hipstamatic. My favorite photography app.

Word Weaver. Favorite game by far.

Bejeweled 2. The game I play when I can not sleep at night.

Shazam. For finding out the name of songs that got imported into my iTunes as track1 or something equally nondescript.

IMDb. Always comes in handy when having that conversation about that one actor that was in that one movie that one time. You know?! The one guy. With the face. In the movie. With the girl.

Art. And here is where we reach the pinnacle of my snobbery. I like to take the Art quizzes just to prove to myself that I am awesome and can totally tell the difference between a Caravaggio and a Bazille.  Yeah, actually I could not tell you anything about either one if my life depended on it and I got most of the answers in the most recent quiz I just took wrong. However, I love art and learning about art so this app is how I nerd out on my own time.

Star Walk Besides telling me what is going on in the night sky, I love the Picture of the Day. Gorgeous, awe-inspiring, and informative

Dictionary.com which gives me a pop up word of the day. Today's word? Deucedly: adv. devilishly

WebMD. How else am I supposed to feed my hypochondria?

Sephora.  Gotta feed the addiction.

Google Translate. For my Russian.

ESPN Score Center. For my Bulls, Cards, and Eagles.

Those are some of mine. How about you?

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  1. thumbs up on "This American Life."  What a fun show.  Hope you received your card.  (Smile)