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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's Snack Time. What are we having? Snacks.

You might think I have not been completely absent because the Ten On Tuesdays lists have been posting. Those were done months ago and scheduled. I have been completely absent.

I have been in a really dark place because it looks like Little Debbie is not releasing their Cherry Cordial Snack Cakes for the Valentine's season this year. At least, I have not found them yet. I am trying really hard to cope with the loss.

And I keep hearing all this hubbub about Girl Scout Cookies but I have yet to see any Girl Scouts selling cookies outside any Walgreen's here in Tucson which means I also have no Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies that I think are called Tagalongs.

So to review: No Little Debbie Cherry Cordial Snack Cakes + No Girl Scout Cookies = me not posting because I am at home in the dark being the saddest sad person ever.

Okay, honestly, I just haven't had time to go hang at Starbucks and blog. But I am really sad about the whole Cherry Cordial Snack Cake situation. If you see any, would you please let me know where?

Thank you ever so much.

Side Note: The title of this post came from an episode of News Radio that had Jon Lovitz as a guest star and no one ever knows what I am talking about but I quote that episode all the time. It has been stuck in my head ever since I watched it 18 million years ago. 


  1. oh how we used to love newsradio! im gonna see if they are on netflix!

  2. Love Jon Lovitz, but don't know News Radio?!

  3. Aww..I dor one have been wondering where you'd gone. And I feel your loss. I feel for you. But know that I share it with you from across the globe 'coz we dont get no Little Debbie Cherry Cordial Snack Cakes and there are no Girl Scouts here anyways! Let's just eat Kit Kat ok?

  4. Also, every year I manage to finally get a hold of some Girl Scout Cookies, but finding a Girl Scout to sell them to me is approximately as difficult as climbing Mt. Everest!!  Why is that?  I have the AT&T people here weekly trying to sell me U-Verse - but in the 11 years we've lived in this house: zero Girl Scouts.  Aargh.

  5. I always have to buy them from
    Girls selling them outside of Walgreens. Never had them come to my door either. Lazy Girls!!!

  6. this blog just makes me want to call you snackface. haha