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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


My dad and his twin brother are entering their somethingith year of life today. Let's look back, shall we?

So pleased that I have this baby picture of them. 

Rock those mustaches Randy Joe and Eddie Jay! Also pictured-Pete and I. 

The twins bookending their mom and big brother. 

At my wedding.  John, Linda, Ed, Nonnie, Randy. 
Ed n Randy at Lucy's Wedding.

And now in honor of all the Scott aging that takes place in January: 

Signs and symptoms that you might be a Scott: 

1. Your ears. 
2. Passive Aggressiveness. 
3. Mild mannered to the mildest degree possible. 
4. You refer to Labor Day Weekend as "Kentucky Lake"  (Where is Kentucky Lake going to be this year?) 
5. You text/email in all caps. 
6. It takes you well over 4 years to obtain a college degree. 
7. You have smart, beautiful, classy daughters. (This one was submitted by my dad). 
8. BUNCO! 
9. You know all of the words to the following songs: Rocky Top, Don't Make Your Home Behind the Wheel, and My List. 
10. You are extremely family-oriented. 
11. You are a sports fanatic. 

Hey fam, please add your signs & symptoms in the comments!!! 


  1. My husband has a last name, it's SCOTT
    And sinice I married up with him, I climbed the family tree!
    Oh, I love to climb it every day,
    And if you ask me why, I say...
    Cause family trees are always full
    of  B O L O G N A!

  2. Thanks Meg, Quite the trip down memory lane and you certainly know your Scotts.

    I would have said nose not ears.
    Like the pics, Megs and always like your blog

  4. indecisiveness?  detail oriented during conversations ? 

  5. I was just telling someone how detail oriented we all are. It was on Tuesday ......or maybe it was Monday. No that can't be right......

  6. A.) Super, SUPER good mullets between our Dads. 2.) How did the Iron Kettle sign end up backwards? III.) LOVE the Scott/Bologna song. Fore.) I'm terrible at and tend to not care about sports. Cinco.) Heavy breathing/abnormally long pauses on the phone. Is he still there? Did he ask a question and I just forgot?

  7. Hysterical. Also, how many times can you be asked, "so what's new?" in one phone conversation?

  8. Cleary, #1 with a bullet should have been: GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR. CAN LAUGH AT SELF. In all caps, natch.