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Saturday, February 25, 2012

All that stuff your parents told you? Not lies, apparently.

Remember the eleventy thousand times that your parents told you that one day certain foods you found revolting would grow on you because your taste buds would change? Not a lie. Sometimes. Gosh. Sometimes I desire salad. Who am I??????

Remember when your sisters were just. so. irritating. and your mom was all like, some day you will be friends? Not only will someday you be friends, some day you will find yourself in an airport terminal with tears (humiliatingly) escaping your eyes because how are you supposed to leave them? For who knows how long?

Remember how your parents told you that you would POKE SOMEBODY'S EYE OUT if you kept ______ (insert completely random dumb childish thing here)? Ok. That was a lie. That never happened.

What about you? What did your parents tell you that did/did not turn out to be true?


  1. my mom told me I could not play piano.   hahahahahahahah

  2. Mine said the police would come get us if we were too loud at night....that never happened. but amen to the sibling thing. My brother is just....so much less of a d-bag than I remember him being when he was young haha