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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Because This Is My Life......FOOD

Hey y'all!

Did I ever tell you about the time that I was getting ready to move to Tucson and some of my family and I went to my favorite St. Louis restaurant, BARcelona, for a farewell dinner? 

Well we did. It's a Tapas joint and they have amazing sangria too. What more could you want? 

Dessert. You could want dessert. 

My family decided to order two desserts to share. I picked the Tres Leches cake. Someone else picked something so inconsequential that I have not bothered to remember it. 

Four years later, I still think about that Tres Leches cake. I remember what that first bite felt like. I remember the offense that I felt when my family did not love it the way I loved it. But also the glee that it meant more for me. I have not had a bite of Tres Leches cake from anywhere since then, afraid that it would not measure up. 

Thinking about BARcelona makes me love Tucson significantly less. No Steak N Shake? Stupid, but okay. No St. Louis Bread Company/Panera. Fine, just do not offend me with telling me Paradise Bakery replaces it. It does not. But no BARcelona? Great sadness. 

And now. Now I have to try and find a crepe place in Tucson because the last time I was in St. Louis, this happened: 

Skinny Californian Crepe. Chicken, bacon, avocado, swiss, cream sauce. OH YUM! 

My sisters went for sweet with the Nutella and  bananas. 

Hot chocolate with a shot of raspberry and a HOMEMADE giant marshmallow on top.

So yeah. Food in St. Louis is better.

Via Crepes, Etc in the Central West End. 
I am all rave reviews about this place!

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  1. Tres Leches aka Soggy bottom cake = yummy