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Sunday, February 26, 2012

For Want Of An Oven.....

You know what this blog has been missing lately?



Did I mention I do not have an oven at my place? Hey folks, I do not have an oven at my place. BUT JERRYKAY does.......

Here's what happened:

Brownie Mix gifted to me by my little sisters. Yay! 

Always add espresso powder but otherwise just follow directions on brownie box. 

A few dollops of cookie butter? Don't mind if I do!! 

Use knife to mix in cookie butter. Bake as directed.



  1. oh man, i allllways keep a box of that brownie mix in the pantry just in case. it's so quick and easy and GOOD!

  2. You've got to open that dessert store....what were you going to name it?  something about Jimmy Hendrix in the title....

  3. ha,ha...I think it was experimental brownies.....

  4. COOKIE BUTTER. It's the bomb. I love you for bringing it into my life.