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Monday, February 20, 2012

Much Love Monday: City Bags.

Much Love Monday 

This is a bag I got in St. Louis. I really dig it. 

But right after I bought this bag, I saw this bag.....

that I kinda dig even more. But I had already bought the first bag. Such is life. 

The point being: This Monday I am loving St. Louis themed bags. 

What are you loving? 

Join in on the fun! 


  1. I'm digging your new bag :)
    And today I'm loving slightly warmer temperatures which means I can actually open the windows and let some fresh air in again! Love me some sunshine!

  2. I've done that so many times! Maybe you should just go ahead and have two bags. I am loving having a quiet morning due to school being out for President's Day. (And thanks for your comment about my hair!)
    Catherine Denton

  3. Catherine! I do not need encouragement to spend more $$! LOL!  Quiet mornings are pretty sweet. 

  4. I am glad you are getting some warmer weather after repeated frozen pipes!! Although, since I have lived in Southern Arizona for the past few years, I have lost all concept of cold. 

  5. hahaha! what is it about bags, and shoes ... and ... :) have a wonderful rest of the week!